Canada 150 Unravelled

The Ermatinger Heritage Discovery Centre

The Heritage Discovery Centre is the beginning of the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site where visitors are introduced to the Stories Steeped in Stone, the War of 1812, and the Post Gift Shop. With its many exhibits, extra space and technological features, the Heritage Discovery Centre promises to make history an engaging and interactive experience. The The Heritage Discovery Centre will be the location of Fringe North’s Canada 150 Unravelled stage. The Canada 150 Unravelled stage is a multi-performance stage space intended to celebrate and challenge what it means to be Canadian. Fringe North is looking for anyone with something to share - can be storytelling, short plays or monologues, music, dance, mixed media performance, and more. Performers do not need to be experienced at all.

This stage is intended to be inclusive - all voices are welcome, no matter how typical or nontypical your version of what Canada is. Performers will be sharing their own experiences of being Canadian, or challenging the concepts of what Canadian means. This stage can feature works by Canadian authors, playwrights, musicians......legends and oral history.....newcomer perspectives....marginalized voices....there are many ways to fit.

In keeping with Fringe guidelines, artists keep 100% of box office proceeds.

Anyone interested should contact artistic director Tova Arbus at or 705-975-5135