Respect and Kindness

Our volunteers are Fringe North ambassadors – They introduce performers, patrons and others to the Festival. We want to create the best experience possible for everyone involved, which means treating fellow volunteers, performers, patrons and others with respect and kindness. We expect all volunteers to read and adhere to our Code of Ethics.

Time Commitment:

Most volunteers need to be available during the 10 days when most tasks happen. Festival ‘weekend’ volunteers (Fri, Sat, Sun) contribute 10 hours over the three days with their schedule determined by their crew coordinator. The biggest challenge is finding volunteers to help take the festival down and clean the parks and streets. This is a great opportunity to experience the festival’s footprint first hand, and also allows volunteers to meet others from various crews and at different points in their volunteer careers.

Some crews work primarily pre and post festival. These volunteers contribute a minimum of 40 hours. There are limited opportunities for most pre-festival crews.  In some cases, people with specific skills may be recruited.

A note for parents: childcare arrangements must be made whilst parents are working volunteer shifts.


Each crew meets before the Festival to receive updated information, plan for the 10 days, and to arrange their volunteer schedule. Attendance at the crew meeting is important. A Volunteer Orientation will be scheduled in June, 2017.

Background Checks: 

*Please do not complete a police check until you have been placed on a crew.  The festival can only reimburse fees for confirmed volunteers.*

Volunteer background checks are completed only for crews that require them. They are processed by the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services. The Children’s Fringe is an example of a crew for which background checks will be required.