We ask that you follow these basic responsibilities:

Show up for your scheduled shifts on time

Contact the volunteer Coordinator if you can’t make a shift

Attend volunteer Training

Wear your Fringe T-shirt and Button to each shift

As our ambassador of the Fringe, you must adhere to the Volunteer Code of Conduct

Personal Safety: You have a right to feel that you are treated with respect. If you should ever have a concern in that regard please talk to your Venue Manager, the Producer or the volunteer Coordinator immediately. Access for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) The Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ensures the Fringe is accessible to all. Venue Managers and staff will be required to have additional AODA training in their roles. Volunteer Code of Conduct: While working and volunteering, for Fringe North International Theatre Festival staff and volunteers will be guided by the following principles:

Treat Fringe volunteers, staff, performers and patrons with respect. We are all part of the same team. Represent all performers fairly and equitably. Performer success is the Fringe goal.  Personal opinions and reviews of shows must be withheld.

Please focus on the event – texting and any other phone use is distracting to others and takes you away from your role of caring for event details. Patrons are your guests and deserve your full attention.

To the person you help, YOU are the Fringe. All staff and Volunteers will make every effort to represent the Fringe Festival positively. Know your job, and take the time to find out about the Fringe so that you can answer questions accurately and knowledgeably (or know who can give you the right answer).

Act with integrity and honesty. No staff or volunteer will use for their own advantage any property or monies belonging to the Festival.  All staff and volunteers will put organizational goals before his or her personal goals. All staff and volunteers will be honest and trustworthy. Illegal activity will not be tolerated.

We welcome diversity. Fringe welcomes involvement by people who reflect the diversity in our community. Volunteers are expected to work cooperatively with people whose ability, race, sexual orientation, life experience, beliefs or age may be different than their own.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in corrective action, which may include dismissal from your position. If you have a concern that makes it difficult to follow this Code of Conduct, talk to the Producer or the volunteer Coordinator immediately.

Fringe North maintains the right to remove volunteers from their positions at any time if a volunteer behavior is in contravention with the Festivals guidelines. Possible reasons for dismissal include: Failure to show up to back-to-back shifts without notifying the volunteer Coordinator, Gross misconduct or insubordination, Drug or alcohol use while on shift, Theft or fraud, Illegal, violent or unsafe acts, abuse or mistreatment of staff, volunteers, or general public. Unwilling to support the mission of the Festival or its objectives. Failure to complete volunteer duties. Exhibiting harassing, discriminatory or unethical behavior

Media and Public Relations: Formal requests for information from the media or other public organizations should be directed to the Fringe to ensure that a consistent message is delivered to the community at large