Jasmine Manning

Jasmine Manning (she/her) is an Ojibway Kwe and band member of Cape Croker First Nation with paternal roots in Stoney Point. A jingle dress dancer with Medicine Warrior Dance Troupe In California, she has trained at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre In Toronto and worked in community arts organizations such as Red Pepper Spectacle Arts in Toronto and Myths and Mirrors in Sudbury. Jasmine incorporates puppetry, clown and pow wow into the land based home-schooling of her seven year old daughter.


Project Description:

This film holds the internal thoughts and emotions that I was experiencing, as a Mom, while trying to create positive experiences for my child throughout the pandemic. It illustrates how by looking at the world through my daughter’s innocent eyes I was able to break free from living in survival mode and move toward minobimaadziwin (living a good life).

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