The Basics

We are just about ready to open artist registration!

Once it’s available, you can click the button above to be directed to the 2021 artist registration form.

Having trouble accessing the form? Get in touch with us, or click below to download a PDF version.

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If using the PDF version, email the completed form to

The deadline for this year’s registration is April 30th, 2021.

Important Information About the 2021 Festival

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, primary preference will be given to local and regional artists within Northern Ontario. These artists may complete this form to secure their spot in the festival. Secondary preference will be given to provincial artists. These artists may complete this form to register their information for future contact regarding the status of the festival. Fringe North cannot guarantee festival spots to these artists at this time.

Out-of-province and international artists may complete this form to register their information for future contact regarding the status of the festival. These artists will only be considered if the festival accepts digital content. This will remain the case even if travel restrictions are lifted. Fringe North cannot guarantee festival spots to these artists at this time. Because we are limited as to how much online content our festival can afford to support, preference for online formats will also be given to local and provincial artists.

These statements will remain true for ALL formats of the festival. Due to the uncertainty of government and public health restrictions, we are unable to guarantee the format of the festival at this time.

There will be no application fees this year. If accepted for a spot in the festival, a participant fee of $175.00 CAD will be required at a later date. This fee will not be required until a final decision on the festival format has been made, so artists may decide if they are comfortable with participating or if they wish to withdraw without penalty.  

Artists are able to select ALL performance types their work could be presented in, as well as what they would be comfortable participating in. Live, socially distanced performances (outdoor only), live, online streaming performances, and digital, pre-recorded content are being considered for this year’s festival.

How will artists be selected?

Artists will be selected on a non-juried basis, through a first-come, first-serve process on the basis of the following:

  • The audience must have the option to pay a ticket price, 100% of which goes directly to the artists.
  • Artistic freedom of participants is unrestrained – festival producers have no control over the content of each performance.
  • Easily accessible opportunities for all artists and audiences to participate in the festival will be provided.

If you are accepted into the festival, you will be included in all Fringe publicity: our program, on our website, and in any event publicity through traditional media and social media platforms. A detailed questionnaire will be sent to you. Artists and companies will be expected to provide promotional information on time or risk being inaccurately represented in Festival promotional materials.

Once festival spots are filled, no further applications will be accepted.

Tickets and Revenue

Participating artists and companies receive 100% of their ticket price. Fringe North will provide house management, ticketing, and box office services.

Fringe North will set a maximum ticket price. Artists may charge less, but not more than the maximum ticket price. 

Fringe North will offer online advance ticket sales. 100% of your tickets will be available in advance. There will be a service charge applied to box office and advance online ticket purchases.

Schedule and Show Lengths

Up to six (6) performances will be scheduled for each company, depending on specified needs.

Please choose a running time for your show. Fringe shows have running times between 30 and 90 minutes. Once submitted, you may not add to your running time.

Fringe North will accept only one application per person and only one application per company. While performers and crew may choose to be involved in more than one production, they will be responsible for ensuring that no scheduling conflicts prevent or interfere with any of your performances. Fringe North will not adjust any scheduling to accommodate performers appearing in more than one production. Double casting is strongly discouraged.

Please be aware the festival does not guarantee that special requests can be accommodated regarding dates and times.

Applications and Primary Contact

Primary and alternate contacts may be involved in only ONE production. Fringe North correspondence will only be sent to the primary contact, and only the primary contact is authorized to submit or make changes to company information.

As a primary contact, it is your responsibility to:

  • Share information with the rest of the company
  • Stay up to date on Festival information
  • Ensure timely submissions of all requested materials

Participation Fees

The participation fee is $175.00 CAD, accepted during the festival or following the conclusion of performances.

Free Accomodation

Typically, we offer out-of-town artists billets, a room in a university residence, and/or a hotel room. However, these accommodations will not be provided for the 2021 festival due to COVID-19 concerns. Any out-of-town artists will be responsible for securing their own accommodations and adhering to public health travel and quarantine rules.

Copy and Production Rights

Fringe North International Theatre Festival will not knowingly produce a show without the permission of its originator(s). You are obliged to obtain written permission from the playwright/author/originator and pay any fees required for the production rights. As well, you are expected to obtain the necessary releases or pay appropriate fees to any professional associations to which you belong. Failure to do so could result in disqualification without refund or written notice.

Fringe North International Theatre Festival reserves the right to remove any company from participation in the Fringe Festival should the company members or an individual member engage in illegal activity, behave unprofessionally, or otherwise place the Fringe North International Theatre Festival itself at risk.

Fringe North International Theatre Festival reserves the right to cancel performances and activities at any time due to restrictions related to COVID-19 or if festival management feels it is unsafe to proceed. Fringe North International Theatre Festival will strive to provide artists with regular updates on the status of the festival and any changes related to COVID-19.

Fringe North International Theatre Festival reserves the right to reject applications where a spot is not guaranteed (i.e. non-local artists). Fringe North International Theatre Festival also reserves the right to reject any submitted digital content should any element be of unsuitable digital quality (audio, video, etc.). Submissions will not be rejected or censored based on content.

Force Majeur

While the Fringe North International Theatre Festival will schedule up to six (6) performance times for each company, if performances are delayed or interrupted by an act of God, fire, flood, war, public disaster, strikes or labour difficulties, governmental enactment, regulation, or order, or any other cause beyond the control of the Fringe North International Theatre Festival, the Fringe North International Theatre Festival shall not be liable for any lost revenues or performance times.


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